Simply Party Box Seasonal Themes

Each season we create a new Simply Party Box theme! Take a look at a few from past seasons and keep an eye out for the next one!

This spring themed Simply Party Box inspiration board makes our hearts sing, just like the birds! It is perfect for Easter, Passover, Mothers Day or a Spring themed baby shower! *



Halloween is one of our FAVORITE holidays!! Check out 2014’s Simply Halloween Party Box!



Along with Halloween, we LOVE fall! Here is an inspiration board we created for a client who wanted a  cool tone autumn celebration!



Of course that leads us into winter! These were our inspiration for Christmas and Hanukkah!

IMG_1574 IMG_1578


Followed by my favorite (because it’s also my birthday!) the Simply New Years Party Box inspiration board!



Keep checking in and make sure you follow along on Instagram to see what our newest seasonal Simply Party Box will be!


*  Please note that photos are for inspirational purpose only.  These are not actual photos of items we have created or that are included in your Simply Party Box order. All photos can be sourced here. 



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