Simply Party Box

A Simply Party Box is perfect for any occasion, baby shower, birthday, bridal shower or just because!

We want you to get the perfect party look without spending the hours it takes putting everything together! Let us do the hard work! You just have to worry about mailing the invites and set up!  We put all the time, consideration and care into planning your party box as we do our full service event planning.

Each party box is created to match your specific needs and guest list size. The average cost is approximately $15 per guest with a 10 guest minimum.


Party favors for your guests

Paper Lanterns to hang above your party table

Decorative Garland

Vinyl Tablecloth(s)

Centerpiece(s) for your table


Lunch plates (disposable)

Dessert plates (disposable)

Forks (disposable)

Napkins with napkin rings

Paper straws

Paper cups

Ribbon for hanging balloons and other decor



and Set Up Instructions!

Did you know that each Simply Party Box order is created at the time of purchase? No two boxes are exactly the same, ach one is put together just for you!

When an order comes in we take a look to see if there are any additional notes or details we need to know about and then we create a work order based on the specific details of your order.

Once, we have figured out the details we head on over to our computers and search sites like Etsy, Pinterest, Ebay and other party retail companies online. Next we get in our cars and head to all of our favorite local boutiques and supply stores until we find the perfect decorations, invitations and other details to compliment your party box! If we can’t find that perfect item we contact our local crafters to have them create the perfect item, just for your order! We make sure that all the colors and details coordinate perfectly with your theme!

We gather everything together and write out the instructions to help you set everything up beautifully, then put it all into your Simply Party Box and ship it right to your door!

Contact Me to place your order! And check out some of the Simply Party Boxes we have already created!


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