Party Like a Geek

Want to know a secret, I am a GEEK and I love creating geek themed parties! I know first hand how difficult it can be to find party supplies for geek themed parties, which is why I have added Party Like a Geek to my portfolio!

Let me help you coordinate the perfect party for any fandom! Take a look at some of the Party Like a Geek parties I have done in the past and some examples of what a Party Like a Geek party box would look like!

This Lord of the Rings inspired party box is perfect for the Hobbit in your life! *

IMG_0873 copy


This Doctor Who inspired party box was bigger on the inside ; )



This Star Trek inspiration board makes me super happy and makes me double-check that I am NOT wearing a red shirt today! *



I came up with this inspiration board for my BFF who is a HUGE Supernatural fan! *



Anyone out there Sherlocked? *



And of course Muggles can party too! *



I can’t forget about the Creepers  *



And my favorite party box I have created was this generic one. Everything is labeled, black and white, with bar codes!




There are so many #geek themed party ideas!  I can create the perfect party box or coordinate your next big event! Adding a little or a lot of #geek iness !


*  Please note that photos are for inspirational purpose only.  These are not actual photos of items we have created or that are included in your Simply Party Box order. All photos can be sourced here. 


Share your thoughts!

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