Simply Backyard BBQ


This year my husband decided he wanted to have a BBQ with all of his closest friends and their kiddos. AND because I couldn’t just have a so-so BBQ I decided to make a fun tablescape and some cute cupcakes! Here are pics of the décor!

IMG_6831 IMG_6846

I put all the plastic spoons, forks, knives , napkins and straws in these mini paper bags so they would be easy to grab and use. The guests loved them!


The menu was super simple: Burgers, hot dogs and potato chips, LOTS of potato chips!


I made these mini burger cupcakes! They were a such a hit, I might be making a how to post on them in the future : )


My cupcake stands get the most work out of all my party decor. I use them for EVERYTHING! Surprisingly, they were used for actual cupcakes this time.


I also put some of the “burgers’ on a small grill and used it as the centerpiece for the table.


Getting everyone to throw away their trash or recyclables is always a party challenge. These pop up disposable (and recyclable) trashcan and recycle bin made it much easier for guests to spot them.


We have a pool and I made a just in case bucket for the party guests, sunscreen, a couple of towels and bug spray because the mosquitoes are something else in my backyard!


Last but not least ( I don’t know why I didn’t get a better picture) but the mini solo cup shot glasses for after the kids were in bed!

I had such a great time planning this event and keeping it super simple means that I got to enjoy the event too!


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