Nothing to do with Parties or cakes…

OK, I know this post has nothing to do with party planning or cakes but I searched Pinterest like CRAZY looking for ideas on how to hide my projector screen and couldn’t find anything I thought would work, so this is what I came up with and thought I would share.

In our old house we had a designated theater room and when we moved into this house we lost that extra space so we put our projector in the family room. It had been sitting on the wall like an eye sore for far too long and we decided it was time we fixed it.

We considered selling it and purchasing a retractable screen but the cost was just too high. We thought about just covering it with curtains but I thought that was too boring. So, we made it a “window”! We used an outdoor bamboo screen ($30) and hung it over the center. It almost covers the whole screen but there were still about 10 inches on either side that showed. So, we added a long curtain rod ($20) and I used canvas drop clothes (15 x 9 foot cut in half to make two 7.5 x 9 foot) as curtains.($30) The project cost under $100 and only took my hubby about an hour to install.

Now when the screen is not in use it looks like this:


And when we are ready to watch a movie or play life sized video games it looks like this:


I hope someone out there finds this useful! The fake window could be used to hide several different types of design eye sores I am sure : )

Love, Cheyenne


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