“The cobbler’s wife wears no shoes”

I am sure you have all heard the term before, “the cobbler’s wife wears no shoes.” Well, the same rings true most of the time for this party planner’s kids…. They still get parties but they aren’t planned in as much detail. I am sure there are other planners out there who go all out for their kids and I do for some parties but with birthdays back to back over the summer I sometimes scramble things together last minute. This post is about making the most out of last minute party planning.

The first party was my now 10 yr olds slumber party. I went the night before to Target and picked up snacks, plates, and a few decorations. Target is one of my favorite go to places for coordinated non-character themed party supplies like the rainbow colored ones I picked out.

The party timeline included mall, dinner, movies and them home for cake and ice cream. The next morning included lots of swimming until everyone was picked up!

Here are a few pictures of what I put together:

IMG_5204 IMG_5207 IMG_5202 IMG_5210 IMG_5201 IMG_5209 IMG_5267

The next party is only 2 weeks later and it was for my now 8yr old. She wanted a glam safari, which can be hard last minute. I headed to a local craft store for a good chunk of items and then to the dollar store for the favors. I was going to make a cake but saved the stress and just bought one from the local grocery store. It is her favorite, chocolate on chocolate.

Although, this party is no where near what I would have planned if I had focused on it an planned well in advance like I do for my clients parties it did end up putting a smile on my youngest daughters face.

Here are photos of her party:

IMG_5884 IMG_5893 IMG_5888 IMG_5904 IMG_5886 IMG_5905

All said and done, I think these parties were a success and my girls had a great time, and that is what really matters : )


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