Simply Wine Tasting

Along with all the events I did for others in the month of May I also decided to host a wine tasting party for my Wine Club with a Reading Problem (aka book club)

I wanted it to be simple and elegant but not fussy. At first I thought that everyone could fit around my large farm table but quickly realized that it would be just to tight, so I used my 8 ft folding table as well. The only problem was that the table was narrower than my farm table and it doesn’t have a pretty wood top. Then I remembered that I still have burlap left over from the Hobbit’s Party I did early last year.

I wanted it to feel fresh so I used all white plates and had a white dump bucket, which I filled with white flowers.

I set the pairings of meats and cheeses out on long platters and used blue and white placemats for a makeshift table runner.

Every place setting had a plate, napkin, fork and knife, wine glass and water glass.

I had hired someone to come in with a selection of wine and teach us about them and although he fell short on personality and the wines were only “ok” we still had a wonderful time experiencing it together with LOTS of laughter afterwards!







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