Oh what fun it is to turn 30 and to have a PARTY!

Last week I had the honor of hosting my little sisters 30th birthday party, along with my mom! The theme was Glam Karaoke and it sure was all that and more!


Balloons with the bottoms painted gold!

This party was the first one I have thrown in my new house and it was fun figuring out the layout that would work best.   I always start by cleaning my house 2 days before, moving the furniture the day before and then just spot cleaning before the decorations go up, this time I moved furniture a few times as I was trying to figure it out. BIG thanks to my son who helped me with the heavy lifting!

Oh wait! I forgot to mention that it was also a COSTUME party!! Everyone had to come dressed up as a musician!

This is (in orderleft to right) my brother-in-law, my dad, my hubby and a dear friend! They were AWESOME!

This is (in orderleft to right) my brother-in-law, my dad, my hubby and a dear friend! They were AWESOME!

Here is a breakdown of the party details:

Event theme: Glam Karaoke

Event location: My house : )

Number of Guests: 30

Color scheme: Black, gold and silver

Food: Salsa Bar (YUM!)

Drinks: Water provided and BYOB

Dessert: Cupcakes made by yours truly!

Entertainment: A karaoke machine and a photo booth!

To start, my mom and I decided to have several salsas to choose from. My mom made two, my sisters Mother-In-Law made one (YUM!) and then we bought three more, which were chosen by a FB poll of my friends. My mom also got 10 bags of chips from a local restaurant.


I decorated the table with a black cloth, gold runner, gold napkins, silver plates and then a backdrop made from a giant balloon “30” and “stage” curtains in silver.


The cupcakes were laid out to be a big “30” on my round table draped with a black tablecloth and a “Happy Birthday” banner.


The karaoke room was my living room and I set up my projector and the equipment in front of my entertainment center. My mom had gathered pictures of my sister over the last 30 years and we taped them to the wall in a big “30”


Finally the photo booth was set up in the front room where I moved all the furniture, except for my piano, used metallic door curtains to hang on the wall. My sis and her hubby set up their laptop and camera and used a photo booth app to take the photos with.


For the photo booth props I was having a hard time finding gold and silver ones that I liked that were in our budget so I bought generic colorful ones from the local craft store and used glitter and Mod Podge to glam them up!

IMG_4505IMG_4518 IMG_4519 IMG_4516

The event was BLAST and it was so great seeing everyone dress up!


Me and my hubby, aka Lenny and Katy (Super Bowl 2015)

Happy Birthday Sis!!! We love you!!


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