Schools out! Graduation Party

This past weekend was a busy one! I had two parties back to back and one I was the host for! This week I was blessed to host my sisters 30th birthday party and coordinate a high school graduation party.

This recap is going to be of the graduation party : )

When I was first contacted by my client and friend Dani to help her out with her daughters graduation party I was super excited and had a million ideas but , as my company name suggests, I like to keep things simple keeping the theme in the details.

Here is a breakdown of what the event details:

Event theme: Graduation Party

Event location: graduate’s backyard

Number of Guests: 50

Color scheme: Green, black and silver

Food: Chips and sandwiches

Drinks: Water and lemonade

Dessert: The graduate’s favorite, Key Lime Pie!

We wanted to keep the cost as low as possible for this event so we made the sandwiches in house; a little morning assembly cut the cost by about $30. A few bags of chips and condiments were all that we needed to make a meal.


Since we live in AZ we needed to have plenty to drink and decided that lemonade and water would do the trick.

For dessert, I am a cake artist but the graduate does not like cake so she opted for pie instead. I will admit that I have never made a key lime pie and I didn’t want to learn now so I ordered the pies from a local diner.


The decorations were simple, I tied twine over the food table from column to column and used small clothes pins to attached photos of the grad over the years. All the guests enjoyed reminiscing.


I also added green and black balloons through out the party space to designate areas. I added a little silver paint to them to make them stand out ( I was going to say “pop” but we don’t want balloons to pop! Lol!)


The plates, napkins, cups and silverware were all color coordinated to the theme and I tied the napkins with thin black ribbon to resemble diplomas.


For the photo booth I went for a deconstructed look and used kraft paper and a big 2015 on the top framed by a couple of balloons. I was able to reuse photo booth props from my sisters party for it as well!


That’s pretty much it, simple and fun! All that’s left to say is “Congratulations!” to the graduate!



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