New Years Party Recap!

Here is the New Years Party recap that I did for Simply Party Box, Inc.  It was SO much fun!

If you followed along on Instagram then you know I took over and posted pics of my New Years party. Here is a recap of the party and some tips and tricks for what I did!

Since I already knew the party date and I had a Simply New Years Party Box I didn’t have much to do. I could have sent out the invites and ordered some pizzas and been done, but because I am an event planner you know I couldn’t just do that!

I started by first choosing the menu… I know this sounds weird but I decided on a nacho cheese fountain! (Thanks to this Buzzfeed article) I served soft pretzels, veggies, tortilla chips and nacho fixings. I also took inventory of what liquor I have and what I needed.

The next thing I did was figure out what I wanted to add or change in my party box. Did you know that each party box is assembled by us and many items are hand-made, which means that we can make simple changes to your order, the same way I did for mine.

The first change was that since it was for my birthday as well as New Years I changed the centerpieces, I asked that they not have the “2015” numbers on them. The other thing I changed was that I wanted the colors to match my birthday cake, which I was putting faux flowers on, so I had them change the “Midnight Kisses” labels to pink instead of gold and black.

Simply Party Boxes have everything you need to throw the perfect party, but sometimes it’s fun to add-on to them too!

Again, to make the colors coordinate with my birthday cake I added 3 pink tissue paper ceiling decorations. I also added the faux flowers I mentioned above to the glass centerpiece jars. I also had my 2 youngest daughters add pink sugar rims to the champagne flutes. Oh and I did make a “2015” sign for the dance floor and a back drop for the bar.

Following the Simply Party Box Party Checklist I went shopping for food and alcohol 3 days before the party and cleaned the house the day before. This keeps the stress away on the day of the party. Which was good because I bumped into some timing issues….aka playing taxi for my kids.

The day of the party I started off with a big breakfast and filled up my water bottle to make sure I stayed fueled for the day ahead. The only errand I had to run was picking up the cake. When I got home the first thing I did was decorate the cake!

This was sooooo simple that I might start blogging about cake hacks ; ) Here are the instructions on how to make this cake for your party:

1- order a 8” two layer cake iced with smooth white buttercream.

2- Buy edible metallic gold spray paint from craft store.

3- Buy faux flowers from craft store.

4- Once you have the cake home, spray it evenly with the metallic food coloring spray paint.

5- Put a few of the flowers on top and voilà !

You have a beautiful and simple cake that cost less than $20, tastes delicious, and took only a couple of minutes to create!

Next I prepped all the food, cut up pretzels and started melting the cheese. Then I set up the bar and hung up the Simply Party Box decorations. I set the table but did not put the food on the trays until 30 min before the party. The chocolate fountain turned nacho cheese fountain proved to be the most difficult task. I melted 3 blocks of Velveeta cheese and added 4 cups of milk to thin it out. After filling the fountain I put the remaining melted cheese in my crockpot so it would stay melted for easier refills. The challenge was that as the temperature dropped and the air got more dry the cheese started to harden again, I eventually turned it off but it had been running for a few hours just fine before this happened. I think it is a fun way to serve nacho cheese but should be used for a shorter duration of time.

Following the checklist, I stopped what I was doing 1 hour before the party and got myself ready. I had plenty of time after getting ready to make sure everything was buttoned up and ready for my guests.

I am pretty sure all the guests had a great time ringing in the New Year, I know I did!  I hope you enjoyed my recap of my New Years party and feel inspired for your next party!

Love ~ Simply Cheyenne



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