Cookie Popcorn

Last night I wanted something sweet, but not too sweet… so I made this:


Biscoff Popcorn! It was so delicious I want to share the recipe with you all!


½ C popcorn kernels

½ C melted butter or margarine

½ C Biscoff cookie spread or TJ’s Cookie Butter

dash of sea salt

Pop the kernels over the stove in a pot according to directions. (I am sure you can use microwave popcorn too, just make sure it is unflavored and unsalted) Once most of the kernels have popped remove the popcorn from heat, no one likes burnt popcorn.

Next, melt ½ C butter (I used Earth Balance Spread because my daughter is allergic to milk) in a microwave safe bowl in the microwave. Stir in ½ C Biscoff until it is melted with the butter and mixed well. Pour mixture over the popcorn and fold to coat evenly.

Then, sprinkle the coated popcorn with a little salt. Salt brings out the sweetness and balances the flavors, it is an important step.

Last, Enjoy!


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