It’s Time to PARTY!

This weekend I threw a Sock Hop for my 8 yr. old and it was a BLAST! Before I get in to the details I want to tell you about how we do birthdays at our house:

1- If you get a party you do not get a present from Mom & Dad. The party is your present.

2- You get a party on your 5th, 8th, 13th and 16th birthdays. Spreading birthday parties out among the 4 kids keeps my party planning to once a year.

When planning a party the first thing I recommend is to go Pinterest crazy! Create a board specific for that party and share time with your child looking at themes and ideas. Once a theme has been picked, search even further on Pinterest and Google for more ideas. Here is what I did for the sock hop and some ideas that might help you when you plan your next party!

 I beleive that in order to throw a great party you should be in character!


Come up with unique games! For this party I wanted games that were specific to the theme and something that the kids had not played before, so I created “Pin the Poodle on the Skirt”


The prize for everyone who participated was a piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum!

This was made with 2 pieces of foam board cut into the shape of a skirt with ribbon glued on for the details. To help the girls know where the poodle should go I added a glitter outline of a poodle.


The poodles were made from decorative felt cut out in the shape of a poodle and then glued onto ridged black felt for support. These poodles were also one of the party favors for the girls!


The other game we had was a hula hoop contest. This was more of a “How to Hula Hoop” lesson because many of the girls had never done it before, but it was still fun! I searched high and low and ended up finding hula hoops that matched the colors of the party at the dollar store. The hula hoops were also a party favor.


Just like with any party, the magic is in the details.

I went to Goodwill and got vinyl records for only 50 cents each, covered the center with colored paper circles so they match the theme and then hung them all around the room.


Music is a HUGE theme setter! We turned on the 1950’s station on Pandora.

Even the food was themed! We had hot dogs and enjoyed Root Beer in old fashioned bottles!



My favorite addition to any party is balloons! I used them in bouquets and also as a room divider to keep the kids out of my living room.


I love to make cakes and I believe that this is one easy way to set the theme or as an accessory to the party. For this party, I made a root beer float cake. The straw is a jumbo Pixy Stix!


In the end I know that my daughter and her guests had a great time!


I hope this helps you feel inspired to throw your next party… maybe it will be a sock hop too!


Share your thoughts!

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