Top Secret

When I was little I always thought that I would end up as secret agent. I did not become one but it has inspired me to create a new To-Do list in case I am ever called into action:

–          Every Secret Agent knows how to fly a plane

  • Flight lessons are on my list, along with a pilots license

–          They speak multiple languages

  • I currently know English and Sign Language, its time I add to that!

–          They win the hearts of women by being able to play a musical instrument (and should have a sultry voice to go along with it)

  • I think I sing well enough to get by, I just need to take more lessons with Bea (she is my guitar)

Me and Bea!

–          They are strong and do  not get sick

–          Secret Agents are very well dressed

  • Thanks to my dear friend Lindsey Taylor I have this covered, most of the time. You should check her out at Style Me a Lady !

–          They travel all around the world, and know their way around

  • Traveling is on my Top Priority list!

–          Secret Agents know how to use a gun and have perfect aim

  • I have killed a zombie (at the shooting range)


–          They can fight extremely well and escape any situation

  • I should sign up for the MMA…. Ok maybe not, but self-defense classes are a good start.

–          They always save the day

  • Being a mom and running a business means I save the day often.

Super Hero

Although some of these are a little farfetched to achieve completely,I think I can work on adding a little aspect of each to my resume ; )
What would you do if you were training to be a secret agent?


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