Week 7 Chakra Cleanse- Crown Chakra

If you have noticed the foods the support the chakras are getting lighter as we go, just like the colors! Because the focus of the Crown Chakra is of a higher consciousness a worldly food does not give it justice, therefore there is no food associated with it. This Charka is best supported with air and sunshine, so I think a great way to support it is with a picnic! Gather foods as close to the air and sunshine as possible, which means right off the plant, something from your garden or from a friend’s garden. Maybe you decided to grab a food supportive to each chakra and when you are finished you sit quietly and absorb the air and sunshine. Regardless of that you do, enjoy it!



Thank you for taking this journey with me, I hope you enjoyed this part of your Chakra Cleanse. I am so grateful that I am able to share my love of food, which promotes physical and spiritual wellbeing, with you.  I truly had a wonderful time!

With love,






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