Week 5 Chakra Cleanse- Throat Chakra

No one wants to get anything stuck in their throat so this chakra is all about liquids and fresh fruit. Teas are also a great supportive food because they are soothing to the throat. If you have ever considered juicing, now is a great time to try it. Also, the color for the throat chakra is blue so think, blueberries! There are several brands like Celestial Seasonings and Teavana that make blueberry tea that you can enjoy hot or iced.

Throat Chakra Snack

½ cup blueberries
Sliced fresh peaches
And a large delicious glass of
your favorite herbal tea on ice


Another way to support your Throat Chakra is through singing! I love to sing, it doesn’t matter if you sound good or bad, it is the act of carrying your voice, with your breath from your throat out into the world. If you are not very fond of singing, then maybe, you can sit outside while you eat your snack and listen to the birds singing around you!



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